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Do not let time pass you by with your children and your loved ones, the most important people in your life, and have nothing to look back on.

Let me tell your story through my lens, all the imperfect moments that make your family yours; the raw, unfiltered moments in time that you can never get back, it's not about the perfect capture, it's about creating the perfect memory.

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Print Products and Digital Images are sold separately so you only buy the photos you absolutely love. This way you can customize your package to best fit your family's needs.

Digital-only collections begin at $375. Most clients order artwork and digital files together for a complete package, with Create-A-Collection options starting at $800

Products and Packages

1:1 Mentoring
Join me for a full day in-studio with a couple of squishy newborns! During this full day you’ll learn everything that happens at my newborn sessions from start to finish. We’ll discuss set up, lighting, posing, prop choices and editing. You’ll gain confidence learning how to safely handle newborns and take care of their parents. Your editing skills will rise to a new level as I work through how I edit each of my images. Spark new ideas and grow creatively as a photographer all while gaining newfound confidence. All of the images you capture during the 1:1 mentoring session can be used in your own portfolio as well.

Total cost is due upon booking. If you do need to split up payments for any reason, please email me. Travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of each attendee. Snacks and drinks will be provided on the day of the workshop.

So what are you waiting for? Questions?
Email me at belliamphotos@gmail.com

mentoring 1:1


Each 1:1 session will take place in my studio in Calgary, Alberta! Join me as I guide you in newborn posing, elevating your skills and safety. Become more confident in your newborn posing and lighting.

1:1 mentoring is hands on, and students will have the opportunity to pose baby with my guidance and assistance to give them a head start to implementing the skills they’ve learned.

Here’s what else you can expect during your Belliam Photos with Wendy Goetz Mentoring Series:
Topics being Covered:

Parent and Newborn pre-session prepping

Styling and setting up for your session

Studio Lighting

Studio Prepping

Posing Transitions

Prop Shots

Camera Angles

Camera Settings

Newborn Safety

Newborn Soothing

Baby wrapping techniques

Basic Editing

Question and Answer session

The best part about 1:1 mentoring is that Wendy custom tailors them to your needs.

Mentoring Policies

Attendees must be comfortable shooting in full manual mode, and have full understanding of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how they work together.

DSLR Camera

Prime Lens- such as 50 mm/ 35mm lens (a 35mm lens is suggested for crop sensor cameras) or a 24-70mm lens

Basic knowledge of Photoshop Further – you must be working on a calibrated monitor for your own editing.

Basic photography terminology

Mentee attests that he/she is not currently a maternity/ newborn mentor, is not conducting workshops and does not intend to use any information obtained from Belliam Photos mentoring for future teaching or mentoring.