What Belliam Photos by Wendy Goetz is doing to protect you from Covid-19

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Newborn Photography Covid-19: What my studio is doing to protect your health. WHAT MY STUDIO IS DOING TO PROTECT YOUR HEALTH

Hi Friends, I am writing a quick blog post to let you know my studio’s strategy to protect you and your family during this Coronavirus outbreak.

Please know that we will do the same to protect you and your loved ones as we will do for our own. 

I am keeping apprised of updates and changes via trusted news outlets and the CDC. I have determined our current course of action to disinfect and mitigate disease transmission as thoroughly as possible utilizing the CDC’s guidelines for prevention and treatment and are also taking steps beyond what is currently suggested in order to protect you, your clients, and our own families.


I am doing a top to bottom cleaning of the studio including wiping down all surfaces with a bleach solution and extra attention to high traffic areas like doorknobs, light switches, counters and bathrooms. I am wiping down all studio gear with clorox bleach wipes. ( Yes I managed to find some in all this chaos!)

I know this seems unnecessary to list, but let me explain. I’m not just talking about washing your hands before you handle a new baby or cleaning the pee off the floor when a diaper-less baby has an accident. Think of the germs. You’re handling a naked baby that could have small amounts of poo or pee dried on their skin. Then you’re touching your camera and lenses and equipment. If these surfaces aren’t cleaned, then you may be spreading bacteria from one newborn session to 

the next. Yes, keep that hand sanitizer near by and use it often. Also, keep disinfectant wipes on hand to clean your equipment and all soiled surfaces. Wash all soiled linens after use. 

I will continue my longstanding policy of laundering any backdrop or item used or touched by a client during a session. I will continue my practice of if I have a cough or feel ill, I will not come to work and will rebook your session.Kenneth Bernard hand sanitizer


I will endeavor to keep the space as clean and germ free as possible. All who come to the studio will be asked to wash their hands upon entering excluding infants. After a client leaves I will be wiping the surfaces, moping and disinfecting our sofa.

Please plan on bringing any beverages/snacks you may require.


When you arrive at the studio, I request that everyone aside of small infants thoroughly wash their hands. My washroom is right by the front door for easy access to hand washing before entering the studio. I will also wash my hands after you arrive. Should anyone cough/sneeze/use the restroom/etc mid-shoot, they should wash hands. There will also be hand sanitizer available for you to use in the studio.

I will continue with my ‘no shoes’ policy in the studio area. When you arrive, please remove your shoes and leave near the front door on the mats provided. I will be wearing socks or slippers that have been cleaned and for use only in the studio.

I will continue with our “no shoes” policy in the studio area.       


Should you, your family member, or anyone close you come in contact with start to exhibit the symptoms of Corona Virus, please contact me by email, text, FacebookInstagram, or phone to reschedule your session. I promise to make it work and would rather play it as safe as possible.

Wendy Goetz

Belliam Photos


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Newborn session are best under 2 weeks but I can still get great shots under 4 weeks old!

When you’re ready to book a session, contact me, a Calgary born and raised newborn photographer, to take photos of your beautiful newborn baby. Book your session today!

Wendy Goetz with Belliam Photos is serving All of  Calgary and surrounding areas!

I’d love to capture your growing family and newborn memories.  If you’re interested in booking a Calgary Photography session for your baby or family please give me a call or send me an email at belliamphotos@gmail.com so we can discuss the details for your customized newborn experience. Newborn Portrait Sessions are best held within the first 2 weeks from birth. Let’s create lasting memories together!

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