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This was a very interesting newborn photography session for me, because baby Bennett is the nephew of one of my long time return client! He was born full term and very healthy at 8 pounds and 9 ounces, and at 6 days old he was giving me the most adorable smiles. I was amazed how he […]

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When Jordan and Minal told me that to have their maternity photography session done at sunset and wear two of my client closet dresses, the first thing that came to my mind that I had to share with her was: “its going to be so beautiful and we have to move quick as the sunset […]

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Newborn Photography Covid-19: What my studio is doing to protect your health. WHAT MY STUDIO IS DOING TO PROTECT YOUR HEALTH Hi Friends, I am writing a quick blog post to let you know my studio’s strategy to protect you and your family during this Coronavirus outbreak. Please know that we will do the same to […]

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I am hosting a Stock the Studio event! For 6-18 month old baby girls, sitter sessions! Boys will come next! This time around, I am using a wonderful local vendor. I am booking 2-3 weeks out, so PLEASE take that into consideration when you are looking at what size and who old your child will […]

When a Photographer doesn’t deliver – What do you do? I’m sure you’ve read the horror stories. The shonky photographers who are paid in full, and never deliver photographs to their clients. The photographers that are paid and never turn up. It’s a heartbreaking prospect – especially when it comes to irreplaceable photographs like newborn […]

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TIPS FOR PHOTOGRAPHING SIBLINGS When a newborn comes in to my studio with an older sibling/s, the sibling photo is almost always at the top of every parent’s list of “must have” images. There’s nothing sweeter than a photo of your children together – welcoming your new member of the family. But any baby photographer […]

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BABY PHOTOGRAPHY FAQS Last week I asked my Instagram followers (Follow me at: calgaryphotos.belliamphotos if you don’t already. I’d love to connect with you!) to let me know any questions they have for me – whether it be baby photography related or business related. Thank you to everyone who took the time to get in touch! I […]

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LIGHTING FOR STUDIO BABY PHOTOGRAPHY As a baby photographer, there are lots of options when it comes to lighting.  Lighting is one of the most important aspects of getting beautiful photos.  As you’ll soon see, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the type of lighting.  Over the last 5 years as […]

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This pretty baby girl and her parents came to my studio recently for a newborn and family portrait session. We started with a phone consultation about their vision for the session and her parents wanted specific poses and high quality portraits for the session; Her dad wanted a shirtless photo with his princess and mom […]

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This little man was a DREAM! He slept the whole time needing one bottle before sibling shots. He smiled, cuddled and happily let me pose him however I wanted without a fuss until the very end when he started frowning at me!